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mercredi 22 mai 2024

maillist: a list of email addresses to which are regularly sent newsletters.

Inscription: this choice allows you to add your email address to a maillist. A confirmation message will be sent to your adress, the subscription will only become effective after your confirmation.

Suppression: this choice allows you to remove your email address from a maillist. The secret code (created when first confirming your subscription) is required for this function. If you have forgotten this code, it can be sent to you again (see "Information" choice).

Information: this choice allows you to receive by email the list of current subscriptions for your address. The message will feature the list of current subscriptions, suppressions codes, and the direct links to unsubscribe from each maillist.

Note: at the bottom of each mail sent to maillists, a link allowing immediate unsubscription will be present.

Console : [ Inscription ] [ Suppression ] [ Information ] [ Help ]

Available lists:
  1. panx_en: panx.net web infos [in english]
    (volume: max. 1 message/month)

  2. panx_fr: panx.net web infos [en français]
    (volume: max. 1 message/mois)

  3. panx_tlse: infos "compil toulouse" en préparation [en français]
    (volume: max. 3 message/mois)

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